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The LinkedIn network represents 70 million members from 200 countries, on all 7 continents.  It’s powerful, and growing.  Some recruiters think it’s a powerful force behind the tipping point in agency recruiting.  Regardless, the site continues to add new features, benefiting both job seekers and recruiters.


LinkedIn also continues its’ growth as a major component of sourcing and recruiting strategies worldwide.  And, instead of publishing the literally 100’s of tips possible, this list is focused on the 10 that I wouldn’t overlook, and many that will give you an advantage over the average user of the site.

The 10 include:

  • Job Seeker Account:  With the LinkedIn Job seeker account upgrade, users can contact hiring leaders with inMail messages, see profiles of decision makers, get introduced to inside sources at companies, and more.

  • The JobsInsider Toolbar:  The toolbar integrates into your web browser so when you are viewing a job listing on an external job site, you can automatically see your inside connections at that company.
  • Competitive Research:  You can find a lot of information out about a company including who has recently been hired, who has been promoted, who has left the company, where they have gone, financial information, and a lot more.
  • Keywords, keywords, keywords:  Kind of like location, location, location for real estate.  Be sure to build a keyword centered summary and work history, as recruiters and hiring leaders search this way.  Use keywords throughout your profile.  Get creative, use keywords that include software and technologies you’ve used, certifications, titles, and core responsibilities.
  • Keep your profile updated.  No, I’m not referencing adding new jobs or roles, I am referencing your existing experience already on the site.  As an example, if you are a recruiter looking for a job, you might consider referencing social media or social recruiting from your current role that you added to your profile 3 years ago, yet you are still at the same company.  Professions evolve, so should your profile.
  • Get recommended.  Recommendations build credibility, from leaders you’ve worked with and for, peers, other co-workers, clients, vendors, and consultants.
  • Inspector Gadget.  Who is viewing your profile? How many views is it receiving? If the number of views isn’t high enough, rethink your profile summary and refer to #4.
  • Integrate applications.  If you write a blog, add the wordpress or blogger application.  Have you published content on slideshare? If yes, add the application.  If no, why not?
  • Event listings:  Don’t ignore them.  Researching who is attending, and/or attending is a powerful way to leverage the site.

You may or may not find your next job through LinkedIn, but there is no reason not to leverage the powerful capabilities of the network.

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  • Posted on: Thursday, July 15th, 2010