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Geoff Peterson, Managing Principle of General Lead has over a decade of in-depth experience sourcing talent for organizations nationally. In the Spring of 2009 I met Geoff online via twitter, facebook, and the recruiting blogosphere; and then later in person at a recruiting conference. At the time, I learned about a book he was writing called The Sourcer’s Playbook.

Since that time, he published “The Sourcer’s Playbook” and I’ve had the opportunity to read it and talk in more detail to Geoff a few times about the gaps and opportunities he sees with sourcing talent and his approach to closing these through his work.

Before publishing his book, Geoff read several great books aimed at recruiters and sourcers, but from his point of view they didn’t really give readers a workshop / playbook feel that he was aiming for.  His goal was to create an instructional (magazine type) book for recruiting, HR, and staffing professionals. One that can quickly and easily be used as a reference manual for recruiters as they conducted searches online every day.

Two of the biggest opportunities Geoff sees with sourcing talent today are with RPO’s and training. First, he believes many Recruiters need Sourcers or Sourcing help, given the abundance of new technology and so much focus on processes and procedures. This typically leads to work AWAY from finding and sourcing talent.

In his findings, some recruiters only spend about 10-15% of their week looking for talent. The sourcing support that Geoff references can come in the form of a well-oiled internal team, or external help.

With regards to training  he feels strongly the recruiting industry needs more interactive and intuitive training – beyond webinars and PowerPoints. A more direct, hands-on approach, with mentoring. Recruiters and Sourcers also need outlets to discover what is new and what should and shouldn’t be used, given the dizzying amounts of new sites, networks and communities that are popping up daily.


If you are Recruiter or Sourcer and are interested in learning more about recruiting and sourcing talent via search engines, social and professional networks, blogs, social media, or want to learn more about tools and technologies for source I would recommend picking up a copy of Geoff Peterson’s “The Sourcer’s Playbook” today on Amazon.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, January 19th, 2010