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With experts, sites, and communities popping up everywhere it’s been an interesting year in the world of HR and Recruiting blogs.  This past month has been no different.

Earlier today, announced the acquisition of the Cheesman Group, including the popular and sometimes controversial blog  Cheezhead founder, Joel Cheesman, also wrote an official post earlier today announcing the acquisition.

Earlier this week, Ed Frauenheim and Rick Bell published a story on Workforce titled “A Tighter Rein on HR Blogging?”

And in August, the HRMtoday community sold on Ebay.


While these stories have no direct connection with each other, they play a role as the industry evolves with perhaps a new set of guiding principles – in defining the future strategies for HR and Recruiting blogs, as well as the so-called communities they serve.

Jason Corsello, vice president at HR technology consulting firm Knowledge Infusion, maintains a blog “The Human Capitalist”.  Corsello stated in the Workforce article “Although it is easy to launch a blog, it may be too late to gain a large following”.   He views traditional blogs as past their prime given the rise of other social media.

Also noted in the article was Mauro Canori, a HR executive focused on talent management and organizational effectiveness for Merck.  Canori estimates he spends 30 to 60 minutes a week looking at industry blogs and says the sites have failed to live up to their promise of creating useful communities of practice.

When you take into account the obvious decline in visitors to over half of the HR and Recruiting blogs in the past 12 months, including those define themselves as communities, some questions being asked include:

  • Are more partnerships and consolidation imminent?
  • Will the blogs with more meaningful and relevant content quickly surpass others?
  • Will more readers (which is who matters here) get more vocal about their frustrations and what’s lacking?
  • Will a true community in the space rise to the top?

These questions, and more will soon be answered…  Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, September 9th, 2009