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It seems everyday there are more and more “experts” born in social media, including recruiters, recruiting vendors, and consultants.  Many creating more hype than value, and trends to position a product or service.


The most insightful opinions come from your clients or target audience… I recently had the opportunity to listen to a presentation and recommendations based on a research project from an intern group this summer. While the content may or may not be something new depending on your views and practices, it was valuable to get views from a group of individuals who represent the future leaders and workforce of organizations worldwide – and how they perceive the use of social media and recruiting today.

Reach the right people
Social media has exploded with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and has created an avenue to reach top talent in a variety of demographics. In a study measuring the use of social technologies, Forrester analyst, Zach Thomas, found that the heaviest users fall into three categories: highly paid professionals, the well-educated and new entrants to the job market. With increasing search and communication functionalities, there is no doubt social media will become a major factor of success in recruiting for those who take advantage of it.

Maintaining a corporate presence on social media sites is more than a means to post requisitions. Establishing an existence on these sites will not only create awareness, but also build a reputation for your company. When it comes time to fill a position, your recruiters can be confident they are not only interviewing qualified applicants, but ones that recognize they are compatible with your company’s culture and values.

Engaging Candidates
Companies can gain a competitive edge by seizing the opportunity to design a recruitment strategy that engages qualified candidates through social media tools. The interactive and transparent capabilities of social media, such as podcasts, blogging, and instant communications, are intriguing factors that hold the attention and interest of potential candidates throughout the recruitment process. Capitalizing on the networking features of these tools allows corporations to stay connected with highly interested candidates, broaden their talent pool, and attract the right people.

Mobile Capabilities
Your company will not only benefit from social media’s growing user base and ease of use, but also from the ability to connect with potential candidates through mobile devices. The functionalities of social media applications, such as Twitter, are becoming part of the everyday cell phone (e.g. TwitterBerry). Although it is unlikely that candidates will solely rely on social media applications from their phones to apply for jobs, the use of such mobile applications acts as an intermediary tool that drives awareness and connects candidates with companies on a more inter-personal level.

Do Not Get Left Behind
Recruiting and job searching processes changed dramatically when websites such as Career Builder and Monster came on to the scene and now, as social media gains popularity, companies are in a position where they need to adapt their recruiting strategies accordingly. The risks of not utilizing social media platforms for recruiting include the opportunity costs of being able to tap into the vast expanse of well-educated, qualified professionals who are generationally, geographically, and demographically diverse and are using social media for job searching. The use of social media for recruitment is beginning to set companies apart by allowing for the most innovative recruiting and effective hiring to occur.

Katie Battiola, Kristi Haglind, Emily Lasley, Bret Peterson, and Duwain Pinder

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  • Posted on: Thursday, August 20th, 2009