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Written by Joshua Wong for The Talent Buzz blog post contest.

Throughout college, I had Facebook and MySpace accounts, but I never used them to network with people that I didn’t know. This all changed when I decided to become active in using the Internet to show who I am and what I could do.

How I Started

I created a Web site,, and even created branding elements just to give myself an identity through design. I never really tracked the statistics on visits to my blog, so I never knew who I was talking to or if anyone was actually reading it. So far, I had a weak excuse for socializing on the Web. When I decided to take a peek at whom and where my visitors were coming from, I was a little disappointed; most of them were coming from Facebook account, which is only available to people on my friend list. And even then, my Web site wasn’t getting many hits.

How I Transformed Myself Online and In-Person

As part of a new marketing project that I created for myself, I signed up for accounts on Twitter, Qik, YouTube, and even to the forums that I frequently visit to showcase my interests, opinions, and skills to a broader audience. Using these social networking and media channels made most sense to me because I wasn’t the type of person to show up at events and mingle with people who knowledgeable about social, marketing, and technology events and best practices. I basically didn’t want to seem like a lost soul among what I perceived as the majority of gurus. But, for the sake of socialization and putting myself in a less comfortable situation, I decided to give networking events a shot.

In my first social networking event, I convinced a friend to come along with me—for comfort’s sake—to a small event organized by Chris Pirillo. I was pleasantly surprised about how everyone that I sat around immediately took an interest in who I was without hesitation, which was my biggest worry; I wondered if people would just sit there and make small talk or maybe not even talk at all. Fortunately, it was quite the opposite—everyone was participating in groups or individually in what seemed to be appealing discussions.

Current Status on Social Networking

In the last eight days, I’ve been to two social networking events that have not only increased the visits on my social media channels online, but I’ve also improved my confidence with talking to complete strangers. With each event that I go to, I hope to meet more challenges while engaging in some enlightening conversations with people from all walks of life that not only exist in my online community, but in my real-world social circle.


In addition to my newfound enjoyment for socializing, I also use social networks to promote two small businesses that, up until a couple months ago, didn’t have much of a presence on the Internet. I frequently post on behalf of the company on Twitter, post advertisements on craigslist, and search for other social avenues so that the company can reach a broader audience.

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  • Posted on: Sunday, March 1st, 2009