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Hiring Decisions Miss the Mark 50% of the Time
First of Its Kind Study Reveals Experiential-Based Selection Techniques Improve Recruiting Outcomes

Organizations or their new hires regret their hiring decisions 50% of the time, costing the average organization millions in the way of lower performance, less engaged new hires, and higher turnover. The Recruiting Roundtable, a division of the Corporate Executive Board publishes the first study of its kind in quantifying the negative impacts of poor selection decisions in hiring employees. The study details several contributing factors, including that 40% of new hires report the information they received about the job when they were applying was less than accurate. Overall, only half the time will organizations and new hires achieve a win-win outcome where both agree that they made the right decision.

The Kenexa Research Institute Explores What Makes Employees Feel That the Glass Is Half Empty
When It Comes to Employee Confidence — What Makes Employees “Unconfident?”

The Kenexa Research Institute (KRI) explored whatemployees around the world think about their organizations and theirmanagement, products, markets, including the odds of employment survival inthese uncertain times. Valuable insights can sometimes be gained by lookingat those who respond most negatively about their workplaces andenvironments. Looking at the negative responses, the results from a groupof more than 16,000 workers, from 12 countries, indicate that employees inJapan (23%) lack employee confidence the most, followed by those in Italy(17%) and the United Kingdom (16%).

College Admissions Offices Using Facebook as Recruiting Tool
A growing number of graduate school admissions and college officers are turning to Facebook for recruiting, communicating with potential students and providing up-to-date news on the school through the social networking site, instead of relying on more traditional recruiting methods like mass mailings or emails, according to an article in Business Week (“The Admissions Office Finds Facebook,” Sept. 28, 2008).

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  • Posted on: Friday, October 3rd, 2008