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I wanted to share something with you…do you search the web for contact and background info (potential candidates or business development leads)? Have you tried Donato Diorio’s Broadlook Capture and/or Diver? I have recently started using them and I believe they are superior to all else in this category. I am a pretty advanced Google search user and have been good at finding contacts before – but both of these have increased my web searches productivity a whole lot. Diver is a relatively new product.

I’d like to introduce these tools to The Talent Buzz readers. Here is a free license to the Capture tool (normally worth around $200 I think) and a free trial of the Diver tool.

Now, it’s time to explain what I meant by my blog’s title. The tutorial for Diver starts with: “If you know how to use a search engine… you already know how do use Diver”. I disagree! With Diver you can do things that you could never do before. The tool seems to have no competition either.

What Diver does is it aggregates contact info (or resumes) from a search engine results as fast as you get those results. You obtain the contact and skill information for everybody in the result pages as an organized table. Well, it may be hard to explain. It is better to try it yourself.

Download the Diver at the link above and try this search on Google within Diver:

-intitle:directory -intitle:answers site:linkedin.com

(Please don’t forget to go through all the pages and “show all omitted results”.

Show only results that have person’s name, title and the company name, a Diver option.)

Export the results and you instantly get a list of people to look at closely!

Here’s a concrete example. Search for

symantec (C# OR C++) -intitle:directory -intitle:answers site:linkedin.com

à get the following people who work at Symantec.

  • Steve Hand Advisory Engineer
  • Amey Samant Application Developer
  • Sharad Srivastava Application Developer/Software Engineer
  • Steve Hand Change Agent
  • Steve Hand CTO Office
  • Nate Brogan Dean
  • Pawel Dyda Developer
  • Jinghui Chen Executive
  • Arthur Hsu Principal Software Engineer
  • Jinghui Chen Principal Software Engineer
  • Nate Brogan Principal Software Engineer
  • Mark Pinson Scout
  • Erica Byrd Senior Principal Software Engineer
  • Arindam Mukherjee Senior Software Engineer
  • Mark Pinson Software Development Manager
  • Mark Pinson Software Development Manager
  • Amit Sharma Software Engineer
  • Amey Samant Software Engineer
  • Pawel Dyda Software Engineer
  • Conner Peripherals Software Engineer
  • Sharad Srivastava Software Engineer
  • Nate Brogan Software Leader and Technical Expert
  • Giuseppe Di Salvo Technical Support Analyst

Just imagine, would you be able to do this simply with a search engine in any reasonable amount of time?

Out of many Diver usages, it is great at grabbing results from social networks and sites that have profiles.

Here is another search string to play with, when you download Diver:

intitle: site:center.spoke.com/info -intitle:people profile

You’ll see what the results will look like.

Here is an example of getting contact info for all people who posted resumes anywhere on craigslist, in one click:

site:craigslist.org inurl:res

I am having fun with Diver, and (for a limited time) am open to running sample searches for those who would contact me, or reply to this post. Download the tool at www.broadlook.com/braingain. And get in touch with me– tell me the skills, target companies, locations etc. I’ll run a sample search for you and will share how.

There are many more tricks and hints I could share but I have to stop here for now…

Submitted by Irina Shamaeva for the August 2008 Talent Buzz blog contest. Irina is a Partner with Brain Gain Recruiting.

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  • Posted on: Monday, August 25th, 2008