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By Jason Buss.

Online Job Board Offers Job Seekers FREE Listing and FREE Video Resume Posting Until Jan. 1, 2009.

One day there is talk about the drawbacks of video resume’s. The next, a new job board, FutureResume.com opens shop.

The site is scheduled to go live for employer job listings in August. During that time, job seeker resumes will be made available to the exclusive group of corporate partners of FutureResume.com as well as to the company’s network of job recruiters. In August, employers can list their available jobs on the site at a cost of $299.00 per month, a reduced fee over most job boards.

Most Recruiters I have talked to struggle with the concept, given there are already existing issues with mining databases and the number of candidates. There has also been a lot of discussion on blogs with regards to overall concerns regarding the additional investment of time.

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About FutureResume.com

FutureResume.com was founded in June 2008 by two brothers from Southern Calif., Greg and Theo Rokos, with years of experience in executive search and sales management. Their concept was to bring together ideas that had been around the edges of the hiring experience for a while — specifically video and video conferencing — and make them central to a new job board to enable the best companies to find the best people. Job seekers make one- to two-minute video introductions that they post with their resumes on the job board site, thus going the extra mile to showcase themselves and demonstrate commitment. In addition, companies can produce a two-minute video showcasing the benefits of their workplace to improve their recruiting efforts. Hiring managers save time and money finding the right candidates for the job by reviewing the videos. Then they can push a button to schedule a video conference. No matter how many places a job seeker may be searching for a job, FutureResume.com is the one place where they can stand out from the crowd.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008