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By Jason Buss.

As we move through the summer students are on vacation, but most college recruiters are busy putting the finishing touches on their fall college recruiting strategy and plans.

After writing an article on a successful approach to college recruiting and building partnerships on Campus, I recently caught up with Amod Damle to talk further about the planning aspect of his program.

Here are some tips he shared on determining your college recruiting plans and strategy:

Identifying the Business Need
Before you start registering for career fairs and campus sessions across the country, take a moment to consider what your firm’s needs are going to be over the next 12 months. Ask questions! Are you going to have internship opportunities mostly during the school year? Which locations? During summer only? Both? How many? In what departments or business units? Is this your assessment or coming from business leaders and hiring managers?

By answering these simple questions upfront, you will be able to start determining which (and how many) campuses your time is best spent on. Know your hiring targets – and what schools yield a business impact for your program and company.

Planning and Research
Today, there are a number of resources to determine a school’s reputation, population, diversity statistics, and more. The most commonly cited resources include rankings from US News or Business Week. Research your competitors, find out what schools they attend, which groups they sponsor, and identify competitive advantages. One of the most valuable resources can also be your employees.

Making Decisions
Now that you have a list of the top 20 undergraduate marketing programs in the country, which ones do you go to? All? No… Take time to assess the student demographics as well. Incorporating schools from outside your region is always a good idea. This way you are ensuring you are tapping into a national pool of candidates and increasing the diversity of the candidate pool.

Event Planning
Now that you have your target schools selected, it’s time to decide how you are going to participate at each of these campuses. The most common method is to participate in the Career or Internship fair each semester. If you are looking to hire top students, these alone are not the answer.

In today’s competitive market, Employers with a strong and dedicated college recruiting program are taking other steps than just attending career fairs. They get involved on campus. Whether that is through the Career Center, through a Professor or best yet, through a student organization. This helps ensure that you will be interacting with people who know who the top performers are in class – and they will help you get connected. Create a mutually beneficial relationship.

After all, this is a competitive business and the top students are the first ones taken. So get your recruiters and hiring managers together and start planning.

Colleges open for Fall semester in one month. Are you ready?

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  • Posted on: Thursday, July 17th, 2008