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By Jason Buss.

Nearly every reputable business is talking about “going green” right now and trying to find ways to green up their operations as a selling point to their customers. Not just a passing fad, the green movement is a trend that will be around for quite some time, and more and more customers will want to use products and services from companies that have greened up their operations.

Human Resources departments are one area within many companies that, in the past, have been difficult to find ways to reduce paperwork. With the average background screening report coming in around 4 pages, think of the number of trees your company could save in a year’s time by converting your background screening process to a paperless one. Advancements in Internet technology, combined with sophisticated screening software, have made it possible to take your Human Resources department green. Internet-based screening systems can deliver your background reports via your desktop computer, versus a printed report that must be mailed. So not only are you saving a few trees with a paperless system, you’re also saving the environment from the wastes associated with shipping, plus you’re saving yourself valuable time and saving your company money.

An Internet-based reporting solution, such as HireGuide™ by Orange Tree Employment Screening, can merge your company’s hiring policies with state and federal regulations to quickly provide you with hiring recommendations via your computer. No more time-consuming reports to read through.

It’s a win-win for you and your company, and a great selling point to your customers who are also focusing on ways to go green.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, July 15th, 2008