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There has been no shortage of recruiting conferences going on the past couple of months from national events like ERE and SHRM Talent to regional events including Minnesota Recruiters, recruitDC, Seattle SMA, Nashville TANS and the list goes on and on. As Talent Acquisition professionals look to arm themselves with bite size information and stats to build business cases internally for new programs to drive change, twitter remains a great channel for networking with conference attendees and information sharing.


With 6TB of job search data collected everyday, the Indeed Interactive conference this week had no shortage of great content and information shared. Thanks to @indeed, @a1mcfad, @karinlash, @paul_j_darcy, @barb_bidan, @Cour10AV, @SussexMatt, ?@Mike_Recruiter, @JenniferMcClure, @WillRecruits, @AdStrategies, @recruitcs, ?@EmilyRPO, @NYCtoCincy, @ttrecruiter, @PeteSuchy, @BESever, @chrisrussell, @JustinWolfers and @JoshGampel for sharing their key insights, included in this list of 50 recruiting takeaways from #indeedinteractive.

  1. 220 million job alerts each week. What do the posting look like in gmail? Mm. Haven’t checked. ???? #indeedinteractive\Company Pages. The gloves are off! GlassDoor Vs Indeed. Easily going to be a better fight to watch than Mayweather/Pac #indeedinteractive
  2. “remote” jobs one of the fastest growing search terms #indeedinteractive
  3. After family and health issues, career decisions are the most stressful of life situations. #indeedinteractive
  4. Don’t think job seekers behave like consumers? Think again! #indeedinteractive
  5. 8 million employer reviews on Indeed. #indeedinteractive #thatsimpressive
  6. 83% of candidates use employer reviews in decision making. @TheCandEs: 19.9%. Interesting disparity in data. #indeedinteractive
  7. 83% of candidates say reviews impact whether they apply for your jobs or not #indeedinteractive
  8. Recruiting technology will look more like marketing technology #indeedinteractive
  9. Believe this too: If ur candidate experience didn’t force people to jump through flaming hoops, you’d need less outbound #indeedinteractive
  10. Complicated application processes will lose your best talent–they have better options to go to
  11. 5 things that shape your talent: job titles, job descriptions, career site, application process & company reviews. #indeedinteractive
  12. More than 1/2 of job search traffic on @Indeed is from a mobile device. Only 32% of candidates browse jobs desk-top only
  13. Hired a great candidate? Ask them for a review. Start building a full picture of what it’s like to join your company. #indeedinteractive
  14. If you don’t know where your candidates are coming from, how are you going to get more? @jterryrecruit #indeedinteractive
  15. Great discussion if potential of “buyers remorse” is real when hiring a passive vs. active job seeker #indeedinteractive”
  16. Nearly 20% of employers surveyed say they review source data yearly/never. #indeedinteractive
  17. Interesting (or sad?) > 10% of Talent Acquisition leaders never review source of hire data. 9% yearly and 31% quarterly. #indeedinteractive
  18. Multiple audience comments at #indeedinteractive – “We don’t have a problem getting applicants for our jobs. The problem is QUALITY.”
  19. The jobseeker experience should be viewed as a journey. #indeedinteractive
  20. Candidates will actively look for a job 28 days after they start. Staggering #indeedinteractive #active #passive candidates. <<Thoughts?
  21. When does a candidate stop being a candidate? You’re always a candidate #indeedinteractive
  22. 1.5 million applications to AT&T since they put in a chat help function but only 500 people actually used it!! #indeedinteractive
  23. More than 1/2 of job search traffic on @Indeed is from a mobile device. Only 32% of candidates browse jobs desk-top only
  24. “We’re not data people; we’re hiring people.” Jennifer Terry, AT&T Director of Talent Acquisition #indeedinteractive
  25. 60% of HR/recruiters ask hiring mgrs and/or continue historic use of sources of hire vs. 40% who actually track the data. #indeedinteractive
  26. In 2014, 70% of @indeed software engineer hires came from Recruiters; not job postings. #indeedinteractive 1 of 2
  27. 2/2 Yet 70% of software engineer hires had their resume on Indeed. #FindHiddenTalent #indeedinteractive
  28. Jobs with IndeedApply convert at ~24%…3X higher than jobs that don’t.
  29. For every minute your application takes, you lose 6% of candidates. #indeedinteractive
  30. Got data? Indeed does. 6TB of search data collected each day. #indeedinteractive
  31. 70% of all job seekers touch http://indeed.com #indeedinteractive
  32. The labor market is unique because the supply is people and they make decisions. #IndeedInteractive
  33. #indeedinteractive – the new company pages will be EXCEPTIONALLY beneficial #cantwait
  34. @Indeed records 360 pieces of data for every job search. You’re not going to beat them doing SEO in house. #justsaying #indeedinteractive
  35. Talent attraction vs. Talent acquisition. People want to be attracted vs. acquired
  36. Does cultural fit require a culturally homogeneous company?
  37. Candidate experience will only be excellent + honor our consumer brand when we begin to truly think of them as customers #indeedinteractive
  38. 75% of candidates who wouldn’t respond to e-mail responded to text @ATT ; 87% that re-engage accept offers #indeedinteractive
  39. In reality, 71% of #jobseekers are actively looking for or open to a new job #indeedinteractive
  40. “Always on” job search: 65% of people who get hired look at new jobs again within 91 days of being hired. #indeedinteractive
  41. The idea that 80% of #jobseekers are passive and only 20% are active is a myth. @paul_j_darcy #indeedinteractive
  42. 44% of people in the labor force have job alerts sent to them. They’re passively-active. @paul_j_darcy #indeedinteractive
  43. 90% of people in 18 – 34 age group are actively looking for jobs – always keeping options open. @paul_j_darcy #indeedinteractive
  44. 81% of people actively *look* at job opportunities – 58% at least monthly. People are keeping options open. @paul_j_darcy #indeedinteractive
  45. A candidate hired from @indeed typically looks at only 33 jobs – @kpwalk #indeedinteractive
  46. When looking for Talent, you have 2 choices – make or buy. In Talent shortages [now, you have to make.  #indeedinteractive
  47. If you’re still going to a career fair for targeted schools, you should probably try Facebook Open Graph search. #indeedinteractive
  48. 61% and rising of those 55-65 are still in work. Baby boomers are more engaged with work than people may think. #indeedinteractive
  49. 34% of 18-34 year old workers have a felony on their record. Ban the box or banish the thought? #indeedinteractive
  50. One in three unemployed people have been out of work for half a year or more. #indeedinteractive


And last but not least, a bonus tweet:  Recruiting is the number 1 source of impact on an organization” -Paul D’Arcy #indeedinteractive


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  • Posted on: Friday, May 22nd, 2015