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video interviewWhen I last checked in on video interviewing nearly a year ago, the concept was still an emerging best practice in recruiting. That’s changed quite a bit as more talent acquisition professionals have adopted the technology and found ways to integrate it into their hiring. Providers in the video interviewing space haven’t been sitting still either. The industry frontrunners continue to introduce refinements and new functionality for their solutions.

One of the market leaders, Montage, recently won HRO Today’s 2014 Tektonic Award for Talent Management for its innovative development in question configurability. Montage is known for its focus on the candidate experience, so I delved deeper to learn more about what this advance could mean for talent acquisition.


Designing the Right Question Format
Montage’s question configurability raises the bar in on-demand video interviewing, an application in which candidates record their answers to questions presented by the company. Recruiters and hiring managers often use it for screening as it allows them to collect, view and compare many candidates’ responses at their convenience. With Montage’s new functionality, recruiters gain flexibility in how they deliver questions to candidates, and how they’d like candidates to respond. They can design the format of every question to most effectively capture the information they need.

Here’s a for-instance: Rather than ask candidates to read a complicated question, recruiters could use video to provide a broader explanation. Or, they may use video to present a situation they’d like a candidate to react to, such as a customer service problem. Recruiters can also specify that candidates respond by video, text or audio if they’re looking for presentation skills, writing abilities or a perhaps a verbal response for phone-based jobs.

There’s additional flexibility at the question level too:

  • Recording options: Recruiters can specify unlimited re-recording for more thoughtful candidate responses, or no re-recording to uncover quick thinking skills.
  • Think times: Recruiters can set candidates’ thinking time to fit the question, from very little requiring an instant response after seeing the question to unlimited letting the candidate ponder the question for as long as they’d like.


Tailoring the Candidate Experience
So now hiring teams can tailor the candidate experience to match the position and their organization’s hiring philosophy. For most jobs, the right kind of candidate experience is probably to allow candidates to see the questions ahead of time and mull them over a bit before recording. Offering the chance to re-record also gives job candidates every opportunity to shine. On the other hand, there are scenarios where it is ideal to challenge the candidate to respond instantly to see how they might handle a tough question. It turns up the pressure, but recruiters can pick and choose the questions where no re-recording makes the most sense. And with this functionality it’s not a once-and-done type of configuration but the purposeful choice for each question.

Potential Versatility
Montage’s new functionality has the potential to increase versatility in on-demand video interviewing. Hiring teams can use it high in the funnel for general screening and pre-qualification, and then again for more in-depth screening stages once the funnel is narrowed. And it offers options for many different hiring scenarios. Recruiters can configure some or all of the questions, or go with the default texted questions with unlimited video re-record. Either way, on-demand video interviews can now be built to suit the job and the hiring environment. It’s another example of how hiring teams can use to improve their outcomes and offer the best possible experience to their candidates.


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  • Posted on: Monday, September 8th, 2014