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Mobile RecruitingThere has been a lot of talk the past few years about “the shift to mobile” from recruiting leaders, with a primary focus on effectively managing the mobile experience.

Examples of solutions have primarily focused on the mobile optimization of a career site to some larger employers building apps. While these and other areas are a start (and a strategy for a mobile experience is a necessity), they alone do not meet the changing demands of job seekers.

Many companies now report seeing 20%+ of their career site traffic come from a mobile device (and even higher in several industries). At the current rate of acceleration, 2-3 years from now companies will get more traffic from mobile than they will get from desktop.

The issue up until now has been with the actual application process. There is one company that is changing that, and their name is Mobolt.


I recently had an opportunity with a client to implement a mobile job application process by partnering with Mobolt, and wanted to share the overall implementation experience and the great things their technology delivers.

Mobolt is using their years of industry expertise to completely change the applicant experience in the apply process. To accomplish they have implemented such common sense changes in the apply process such as eliminating non-required fields, pre-populating applicant data from LinkedIn profiles to save keystrokes, and most importantly removing the ATS log-in screen from the front of the process to reduce drop-offs. They do all of this and still submit a completed application into your ATS just as if the job seeker had completed the application on a desktop.

The changes have delivered dramatic results for the early adopters of their technology. Some of the early results show:

    • Over 60%+ of the job seekers on mobile devices that start an application in their system, finish the application (a significant increase compared to a desktop user).
    • Over 90% of the applicants that submit applications via mobile are unique applicants.
    • Over 96% of the applicants that finish an application and complete the Mobolt survey rate the experience as ‘Easy’ to ‘Very Easy’.

The dilemma employers face today with changing technology is nothing new to Scott Garrett, Mobolt’s Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer – who has been in the online employment space since 1997 when he was an early employee of CareerBuilder. I had a chance to connect with Scott to get his insights and compare today’s challenges to those 15+ years ago. He shared,

“Back then employers were shifting from paper resumes being mailed or faxed in to soft copy resumes arriving by email. We are seeing the same sort of shift now as employers address how best to accept applications from mobile device. The big difference now is that this shift is being pushed by jobseekers. Back in 1997 most jobseekers did not have computers in their homes so employers could take their time making the move to accepting soft copy resumes”.

What I like about Mobolt’s approach is unique to anything else I’ve seen in the market. Their solution is customizable, quick to implement, and can be implemented globally since it is capable of handling postings and applications in any language. Other benefits of Mobolt include:

    • They can work with any applicant tracking system.
    • Their technology dynamically creates the ATS apply process for every job.
    • They can auto-create the ATS User Login, even if login setup includes a ‘Captcha’ code.
    • There is an option to move the ATS login to the back of the application process in order to prevent drop-offs
    • They offer a Mobile Employee Referral solution that works unbelievably well with a mobile apply process.

While a vendor doesn’t own the problem of fixing a complex job application process at your company, Mobolt is a great partner to brainstorm options and they have proven their solution delivers apply conversions at a much higher rate than from a desktop.

In case you are wondering, no – this is not a sponsored post, I do not have a business relationship with Mobolt, and have not been compensated for this post in any way. After 18 years of recruiting leadership and 6 years of writing articles on Talent HQ, there are very few companies (vendors) that I have worked with that I would promote and put my reputation on the line for, Mobolt is one of those companies.

Any company that believes a job seeker should be able to submit a completed application in an ATS in as close to 1 minute as possible in order to deliver the experience that people have grown to expect from mobile, gets my vote. Especially a company that delivers that, like Mobolt.

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  • Posted on: Monday, May 6th, 2013