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As a recruiter or a job seeker (or any professional for that matter) you’ve spent years building a network on LinkedIn. Depending on your use for the incredible amount of information available through your network you might visit the site between multiple times a day to multiple times a week (or month). LinkedIn has features built into their site to notify you of updates within your network, yet it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of the most important activities within your network – and keep your network engaged (with very little effort). Until now.

Atlanta, GA based SalesLoft is a sales intelligence company that has its’ sights set out to create the world’s most sophisticated sales intelligence software.  The company has found that around 3% of people make a change to their headline or title on a monthly basis – and with their new free app called Job Change Alerts you can sit back and have the information delivered to your email.

SalesLoft’s young team of recent GA Tech Grads built the incredibly useful and powerful free app Job Change Alerts – that is an asset to anyone with a LinkedIn network or LinkedIn connections.  I signed up for the free service, which is extremely quick and easy (it took less than 30 seconds).  Once signed up, you’ll receive daily updates on your LinkedIn Connections including:

  • New Jobs
  • Birthdays
  • New Connections

The ability to send just-in-time, related messages to your network (besides I am reaching out because I need something) with little effort is invaluable.  The possibilities are endless for sales professionals, recruiters, job seekers, or any networker.

Ben Franklin wrote “relationships are always in need of constant repair.” Damn, he must have been thinking of JobChangeAlerts.com as a great tool to maintain and cultivate your professional relationships!

Congrats to the SalesLoft team for keeping it simple – and building this powerful, free app. Network your heart out.



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  • Posted on: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
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    1. Chris says:

      Awesome article and even better tool. Thanks!

    2. Kyle Porter says:

      Very cool. Thanks for sharing this Jason!

    3. I’ve elected through settings on LinkedIn NOT to share my updates and activity with anybody. Will this app recognize that and not to push out activity feeds to my connections, but allow me to see theirs?

    4. Jon Birdsong says:

      Hi Corl,

      Our app does recognize your privacy. We don’t publish any updates to user’s profiles and you’ll still be allowed to see your connection’s activity. In other words, nothing changes :)

      I hope this helps.


    5. Bryan Wilson says:

      Cool, I like it! Nimble.com and connectedhq.com offer similar functionality but without the key ingredient of job title changes.

    6. This is great, glad to see this.

    7. Cathy Plunkett says:

      Like the idea, but one issue is that it requires a work (non-free) or corporate email account. Any way this could be changed to allowing personal email accounts to link?

    8. I am a #salesloft junkie!! People do two things when they got a promotion/job change — they update linkedin and tell their family…we are congratulating them before their family does…that’s #sales #intelligence!!

    9. Lydia says:

      As a GT alum, I might be biased, but this is wicked. Go Jackets!

    10. Jon Birdsong says:


      Thanks for comment. As of now, the non-free email is the only one that can be used because our services are targeted towards business users. We may change it in the future, but as of now, it’s just individuals with work accounts.

      Thanks again for the comment!


    11. Ted Meulenkamp says:


      this looks pretty cool but before I sign up, is there a way that I can select from who I get updates? I have 13000 connections and would go crazy with all updates but I would be interested in selecting a country or a company or a different kind of segmentation.


    12. Jon Birdsong says:


      Thanks for the question. Wow, 13000 connections is big time! The short answer to your question is not right now. As of now, you receive the changes going on in all of your connections.

      The number of updates won’t be as high as you think. Definitely sign up and if it get’s too crazy, you can always change your settings.

      Good luck!


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