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Social Recruiting continues to be a focal point in the evolution of online recruiting. In a recent post titled The Reality of Online Recruiting, I concluded with data is just what it is.. Data. As an example, a recent JobVite report showed 78% of job seekers attributed their job to Facebook. Say it isn’t so.

Today, Bullhorn released data which found that Facebook is just not where recruiters are finding candidates. The report presents key findings and benchmark data pulled from the Bullhorn Reach user network of over 35,000 recruiters.  What’s the outcome? LinkedIn is KING.

I had a chance to connect with Art Papas, Bullhorn’s President and CEO to discuss the findings.  Here’s what he shared:

“What we are exposing is a disconnect in the social recruiting space, between where job seekers think they will find a job and where they’re actually much more likely to find one. “We think that this information will help recruiters connect with candidates more successfully on social media.”

Bullhorn measured LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter’s frequency of usage by recruiters and their effectiveness for sourcing candidates and found that LinkedIn is blowing away the competition in terms of job views and applications. Even Twitter (Twitter!) is ahead of Facebook in these metrics.  A few examples include:

  • For job applications, LinkedIn is driving almost nine times more applications than Facebook and three times more than Twitter.
  • Twitter drives almost twice as many job views per job as Facebook and three times more applications per job.
  • A Twitter follower is almost 3 times more likely to apply to a job posting than a LinkedIn connection and 8 times more likely to apply than a Facebook friend.
  • Facebook is the network least connected to by recruiters, with only 10% using it in combination with LinkedIn for recruiting

Included below is the infographic on how recruiters are using social media.  Click here for the free 2012 Social Recruiting Report from Bullhorn.



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  • Posted on: Tuesday, February 14th, 2012