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The story lines were..  The latest and greatest way for you to find a job (if you are a job seeker) or to source and hire a job seeker (if you are a recruiter).

Here are the top 5 recruiting #fails of 2011:

  • #5 – Twesume:  While twesume was just announced, it’s still 2011.  This is yet another example of a waste of time for both job seekers and recruiters.
  • #4 – The Online Recruiting Transformation:  Huh? When you don’t hear about something for a year after it’s announced (or see any results in search engines), it’s a #fail.  This was the case with the .jobs debacle from Direct Employers.
  • #3 – Retention:  At the close of 2010 many HR and Recruiting Pros were touting retention as a key focus for 2011, with under-engaged and dis-engaged high performers leaving at record numbers.
  • #2 –  Social Jobs Partnership:  There are tens of thousands of pages and apps on facebook already for job seekers.  By adding another job aggregation and search page on facebook in an effort to put people back to work was the answer here from the companies you see listed on the social jobs partnership.
  • #1 – Beknown:  Launched in June of this year, launched BeKnown on Facebook – and many experts called this a game changer.  AppData shows the app having a consistent decline in usage, and I have yet to hear the word BeKnown in any conversations with job seekers and recruiters on the “you should do this” list.
Have other examples? Feel free to email them in, or leave them in comments.  Cheers to 2012!

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  • Posted on: Friday, December 16th, 2011
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    1. Frank Papotto says:

      With record unemployment and slow hiring, it’s really amazing to me that the prognosticators could be so far off. It seems they would have to make all kinds of assumptions about whose unemployed, what works for job seekers and the willingness or ability of recruiters to make use of even more information about the already huge pool of job seekers…. Of course most of these kinds of predictions are attributable to the understandable marketing efforts of product and service vendors trying to offer some help in a tough situation.
      What would really help are resources that organize and simplify labor market information for both job seekers and job suppliers. Made both accessible and inexpensive (or free), these kinds of services would make the market and selection process more efficient and effective. Existing job boards do offer some help with this, but the statistics tell us that they need to go further. Hundreds or thousands of poorly screened applicants only make for mostly fruitless and frustrating effort for the applicants and recruiters. But better resources are not the only obstacle; taking full advantage of the labor market also requires knowledge and experience.
      Those more experienced and sophisticated in the use of the technological resources have an advantage, but many can’t or won’t get be able to leverage technology. On the other hand, those who rely solely on technology are also disadvantaged because they overlook its limitations. So, another approach that would help is education and communication that doesn’t depend entirely on technology.
      That’s my two-cents. Hopefully we’ll see some responses that constructively take us down the road to some good answers…Thanks for reading my rant.

    2. Miles says:

      It’s kind of odd about BeKnown, I checked the stats again and it looks like it fell off a cliff. It was getting huge traction… I wonder if the stats are wrong or just not tracked right? It seems like too big of a change:

    3. Jason Buss says:

      Stats or no stats is anyone talking about BeKnown favorably with proven business results? After 6 months, you’d expect so after the spin that existed in June from the experts. I’m not hearing anything about it.. The sound of crickets.

    4. Jason- I have interviewed 984 Baby Boomers about searching for work, and have never heard a reference to “BeKnown”. Also interviewed 304 Hiring Managers at 54 companies in 12 different industries and again no mention of BeKnown. We’re talking more about it than they are.

    5. Raj says:

      Add QR codes to this list.


    6. Charles says:

      Interesting list, I can’t think of any others – but I’d like to disagree with Raj. I’ve heard from a few people that QR codes can be quite successful. I guess it depends on what you’re doing with them, or who you’re targeting!

    7. provides a small sampling of why your number 4 is incorrect.

      Number 2 is not accurate either, SJP just launched not more than 4 months ago and stats definitely show that already there are 37,718 likes and we are still in development of the more impactful pieces.

      Respectfully it would be nice if there was research and facts to back up your opinions.

    8. Jason Buss says:

      Nancy, Thanks for the comments. After speaking to hundreds of recruiters and recruiting leaders the past couple of years at multiple events, I can tell you I have not come in contact with 1 individual claiming success. Not one, including DEA clients.

      As far as facts, it isn’t too difficult to analyze a companies source tracking data for candidates and post hire data tags for employees to realize the approach isn’t delivering talent.

    9. […] has evolved its’ products, and launched new ones too. BeKnown, as an example, made the Top 5 Recruiting Fails for 2011. Another example, nearly 80% of the Monster iPad app users rate it 1, out of 5.  This, […]

    10. Jason,

      I would be keen to know the other side of this story as well. What are top 5 successes in recruitment industry? Specially on internet recruitment angle…


    11. BeKnown seems sinking into the Be-Un-Known space…

      Nice list BTW!

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