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In a press release earlier today, the “.JOBS Universe” announced its’ going to transform online recruiting.  Put your seat belts on, and get ready for more job pollution with 40,000 new job sites coming, potentially growing to 100,000 by the end of the year.



Is this a half-baked strategy? Will it pollute the internet with 40,000+ more “job sites? Is it another flavor of the month approach? Or, will it in fact transform online recruiting? You decide, vote now below.



Read more about the .jobs announcement today on ERE, or any of the prior articles from The Talent Buzz:

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
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    2. Really DEA? says:

      I thought that Direct Employers Association’s core mission was to eliminate job boards and help employers to drive traffic “direct” to them, but this effort obviously does the reverse of that by setting of a nuclear bomb of job boards on the web which they DO sell advertising to their employers in order to be featured on these sites – um, what ever happened to them being a non-profit organization?

      The reality is that DEA seems to be the club for job board fall out employees – trying to both hate the boards AND beat them with dozens of copy-cat and tried-and-died models to keep their association entertained.

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