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Diversity Recruiting continues to be on both Executives and Recruiting minds.  It’s also on the mind of Senator Robert Menendez, our only Hispanic Senator.  Menendez recently stated “As Chair of the Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force, one of my top priorities has always been promoting and expanding diversity at all levels of our economic, political and social sectors.”


So, he surveyed senior executives and senior management from Fortune 500 companies earlier this year, and last week unveiled the results on women and minority representation among the senior management of Fortune 500 companies, as well as their use of minority and women-owned businesses in the contracting and procurement process.

Here is a link to the complete 59 page diversity report, including recommendations and a list of companies who chose not to participate.  You can also view the survey sent to Fortune 500 companies.

Menendez’s survey was one of the most successful of its kind, garnering input from 219 corporations on the Fortune 500 list and 71 on the Fortune 100 list.

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  • Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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    2. ken says:

      Legislated discrimination that awards tax payer funded work to select ethnic groups is racist, sexist, and should be illegal.

    3. ken says:

      Special finincing for women and minority owned business is just a sterile way of legislating discrimination against non-women and non-minority owned business- I.E.-lets screw the white guy- he has too much; what a crock and rationallized way to completely discriminate!

    4. While focusing on diversity recruitment,strong emphasis need to be placed
      on 3rd World developing countries.I feel there is a dire need to lift their workforce
      standards high if we want them to remain commited to the cause of enduring peace
      in the world,failing will push all into state of uncertainity and chaos.
      Let,s all rise to help make diversity rectruitment a real sucess……

    5. Mario Jones says:

      This is one of those subjects no one really wants to discuss, because it ignites a lot of political and social issues depending on your background and personal beliefs. But it is an important issue to address because like or not the fabric of this country is changing in terms of diversity and companies are going to have to hire people in senior levels that can represent the people they are serving. Diversity especially diversity in the workplace should not be a “hush hush” issue. It should be openly discussed to foster ways to improve it and/or grow it.

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