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Search HR pages, over 500 results.  Search groups, another 500.  The same goes for recruiting.  With all the clutter, there are few I have found that add value.  Like a lot of things, you’ll get out of it what you invest into it.


In random order, here are 15 worthwile HR and Recruiting Pages (and Groups) on facebook:


  1. HR News
  2. Human Resources
  3. Human Resources IQ
  4. The Human Resources Group
  5. Talent Management Magazine
  6. Human Resources
  7. All in HR
  8. Fistful of Talent
  9. Talent Revolution
  10. Divercities


  1. Recruiting News
  2. Recruiting
  3. The Talent Buzz
  4. TRU – The Recruiting Unconference
  5. CareerBuilder
  7. RecruitingBlogs
  8. JobMagic
  9. LinkUp
  10. The Undercover Recruiter

Like a lot of things, you’ll get out of these groups and pages what you invest into them.

Which other pages or groups do you “like” and recommend?

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Talent HQ’s creator and editor is Recruiting & Diversity Leader, Jason Buss. Talent HQ is a premier online news and information channel for the Recruiting and Human Resources community.

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  • Posted on: Monday, May 24th, 2010
  • This Post Has 3 Comments

    1. Carlos Gil says:

      Hey Jason, although you left it off the list I’d add JobsDirectUSA >> — With the lone exception of CareerBuilder; we have more FB Users ‘Like’ us than any of the other ‘nominees’.

    2. Jason says:

      Thanks for the addition Carlos.

    3. Mark Krupinski says:

      Either this list is outdated or not much thought or research was done to create this list. Very disappointing.

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