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by @jjbuss.

It’s hard to believe it has been almost 2 years since my first tweet.  Since then I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people inside and outside of my industry and profession, and publish a few blog posts on the topic.  A few examples include:

Looking back the growth of twitter has been astounding.  In April of 2009, there were 1.5 billion tweets.  9 months later (as I write this) there are 7.6 billion tweets and counting.

Last February (2009) there were 900 profiles with the word “recruiter”.  Fast forward 2 months to April and it grew to 3,900.  Today there are 10,372!  There are also over 15,000 social media “experts” in case you hadn’t heard…

So with over 10,000 people with the word recruiter in their profile, who should you follow?


I would start with the 25 most influential recruiters on twitter, according to wefollow.  They include:

  1. Shally Steckerl – @shally
  2. Irina Shamaeva – @braingain
  3. Glen Cathey – @BooleanBlackBlt
  4. AIRS – @AIRSTraining
  5. Steven Rothberg – @StevenRothberg
  6. Jennifer McClure – @CincyRecruiter
  7. Jerry Albright – @Jerry_Albright
  8. Geoff Peterson – @GeoffPeterson
  9. Stephanie Lloyd – @StephanieALloyd
  10. Paul DeBettignies – @MNHeadhunter
  11. Craig Fisher – @Fishdogs
  12. Michael Long – @theredrecruiter
  13. Ryan Leary – @ryanleary
  14. Jim Durbin – @smheadhunter
  15. Shannon Myers – @slcmyers
  16. Sarah Peacey – @RecruitingTruth
  17. Nikki G – @Recruitnik
  18. Todd Kmiec – @toddkmiec
  19. Dawn Mular – @DMular
  20. Jeff Lipschultz – @JLipschultz
  21. Rick Deare – @RickDeare
  22. Peggy McKee – @salesrecruiter
  23. Bruce – @RecruiterBruce
  24. David Graziano – @DavidGraziano
  25. Darryl Dioso – @DarrylRMSG

Sure, one could argue the other 9,000 recruiters haven’t registered their profile on wefollow (that’s their fault) or have chosen a different tag than recruiter.  Either way, you’ll be in great company with these 25 tweeps.

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  • Posted on: Monday, January 11th, 2010
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    1. It is an honor to be included with so many great recruiters and other human resource professionals.

    2. GLHoffman says:

      Thanks Jason, for this list. Congrats to friends Steven Rothberg and Paul DeBettigenes and Stephanie Lloyd…well deserved!!
      Other interesting folks to follow would be @NickCorcodilos, of AskTheHeadhunter fame, @TobyDayton, the CEO of LINKUP, the job search engine.
      Again, Jason….we would love to buy you coffee…esp since we are in MN with you.


    3. Lea Lashley says:

      Congratulations to Nikki Gordon @recruitnik for being included in this fantastic list of influential recruiters and HR people. In this incredibly down economy and pitiful job market, this is truly an accomplishment in which you should be proud. Great work and thanks for all the insight! ~ @LeaLashley (Dallas Food and Dallas Day Trips)

    4. Recruitnik says:

      it is an honor to be included on this list. Thanks Lea

    5. Kristian Stevens says:

      Love the list. Great Tweeps to follow. I have learned.

      Kristian Stevens

    6. Jason,

      Nice list, thanks! :) I am honored to be #2.

      I just copied this list to TweepML.You can follow all of the 25 Most Influential Recruiters on Twitter here: http://bit.ly/5Bp6oa


    7. I would have liked to have been included. If you click on the other tab (the one with the most followers) I believe that I am number 8 and number 26 on that list. @audreychernoff and @hcrgroup


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    9. Carlos Gil says:

      Although I did not make the list for this year please be sure to link up with my at http://twitter.com/carlosgil83

    10. No surprises on this list — a great group. There are some that I am surprised NOT to see here but I guess the list must cut off at some point. I am not referring to myself since I keep the recruiter side quiet on Twitter to appeal more to my target market. But in the meantime, it’s great to have so many competent, generous people to learn from here. Thanks!

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    15. JobCrank says:

      great list! thanks for sharing… I can now use “wefollow” as a useful resource for research :)

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