Why are Employees Considered an Organization’s Greatest Asset? 3 Comments

How many times have you heard the gut wrenching phrase “Our Employees are our Greatest Asset”? From annual all employee meetings, to company-wide memos, the over-used phrase is out of touch.

While you could split hairs between the definitions of the two, here are a few key differences:

  • Asset:  An item that is owned, the items detailed on a balance sheet, an item of ownership having exchange value, and all property available for the payment of debts.
  • Investment:  Devoting, giving time, emotional energy, and talent for the purpose of achieving something.  Investing in to gain a profitable return.

While there is some meaningful recognition behind employees being referred to as “our greatest asset”, the bottom line is most assets on a balance sheet depreciate over time, and investments will grow over time.

What other phrases are over-used?

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  • Posted on: Sunday, October 5th, 2008